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Seeking car batteries for sale? Look no further!

Dixon Batteries has been supplying premium quality automotive batteries to South Africans since 1955. They started out with a small shop in Vereeniging, and today they are a leading brand as far as vehicle batteries go. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Dixon Batteries can be trusted for their car batteries, as well as their extended product range including solar batteries, motorcycle batteries, and more.

Battery Mob proudly stocks their products, as we know that their batteries are technologically advanced and long-lasting. Throughout the manufacturing process, Dixon Batteries monitors their products to ensure that it meets their exceptional quality standards. They make use of up-to-date equipment to manufacture a variety of batteries that are ISO 9001: 2008 credited by AfriCert.

Dixon Batteries also carry

the SABS mark of approval and ensure a performance and lifespan that will stand proud against other leading manufacturers in South Africa.

Dixon Batteries



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    Why Dixon Batteries has
    become a trusted brand in the industry

    Dixon Batteries has become a trusted name in the industry by continuously manufacturing products that are reliable and of a superior standard. The company cares for the environment and has therefore implemented an initiative to recycle batteries in an effective and economical manner to minimise the effect it has on the earth.

    Their extensive range of products include:

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    Automotive Batteries

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    Deep Cycle Batteries

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    Golf Car Batteries

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    Motorcycle Batteries

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    Solar Batteries

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    Battery Chargers

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    Testing Equipment

    If you suspect that your current battery needs replacement, you are welcome to visit us at Battery Mob in Gezina. Our experienced team will gladly assist to determine the issue with your battery and will further offer valuable advice on what the best option will be going forward. We possess in-depth knowledge on the various batteries and brands available and will be able to guide you to choosing a product that will meet your requirements.

    Battery cleaning and maintenance

    Seeking car batteries for sale? Look no further!

    Good battery maintenance practice can help you prolong the life of your car, truck, bakkie or motorcycle’s battery. Even maintenance free batteries need tending to occasionally. Despite the misleading name, ‘maintenance free’ batteries only mean that the distilled water used in older batteries do not need to be topped up. These batteries come as a sealed unit but still require attention from time to time.

    Firstly, regularly check your battery for leaks, corrosion or build-up of dirt and grease. Keep your battery terminals, cables etc. clean by using a suitable battery cleaning solution. Most auto care aisles will stock battery sprays which are safe for use. Alternatively, you can make your own solution at home by mixing 15ml of baking soda with 250ml of hot water. Use an old toothbrush with this solution to clean the battery corrosion and build-up of dirt quickly and easily.

    Ensure your engine is switched off when doing this and take care not to burn yourself. Your battery terminals should be disconnected before cleaning commences. Once you have thoroughly cleaned your battery, rinse it with cool water and dry the battery and components properly before reconnecting. We recommend that you use gloves when cleaning your vehicle’s battery as battery discharge is corrosive and potentially harmful.

    Remember that disconnecting your battery will affect various settings of your car such as the time but this is nothing serious and can easily be corrected once your car battery is connected again.

    As we value our clients, we provide our range of batteries and related products at competitive prices. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.



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