Motorcycle battery replacement?
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A motorcycle battery and a car battery are not to be used interchangeably. Car batteries have a much higher amperage than motorcycle batteries and therefore are not suited to work in motorcycles. Although both batteries are lead-acid batteries and typically 12V, it is never a good idea to substitute one for the other.

Although using a car battery to jump start your motorbike on the side road will get you mobile again – your motorcycle battery will need replacing immediately. Substituting a car’s battery for a motorcycle battery will damage your motorbike’s electrical systems. Never use a car battery in your motorcycle!

When is it time to
replace my motorcycle battery?

Part of your motorcycle maintenance is replacing your motorcycle’s battery when it is dead or insufficiently charging your bike. Best battery replacement practice is to replace your motorcycle’s battery at least every three to five years. This way you can be rest assured your battery won’t give problems for some time to come. This will also depend on how often you use your bike. Motorcycles, such as off-road or dirt bikes which aren’t run weekly may need their batteries replaced sooner than three years.

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If your motorcycle struggles to start or refuses to crank, it’s time for a new battery! Engines that start energetically are those that indicate relatively good battery charge. If you suspect that your battery may be problematic but cannot be sure – the best solution is to bring your battery to us for a thorough and quick test! We stock reputable motorcycle battery brands that are guaranteed to satisfy your battery needs!

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    Trust the Mob to look after your bike battery needs!

    We understand that all batteries are made with specific purposes and different specifications suited to certain vehicles. Which is why you can trust that the Mob has your back when it comes to your motorcycle battery needs.

    We are professionals in the battery industry, we provide affordable prices and battery services. Batteries do not have an unlimited lifespan and the battery in your motorcycle is no exception.

    Motorcycle batteries can last anything between two and five years, and in some cases up to eight years (depending on various factors). A rider can typically expect to change their battery every two to three years.

    Trust the Mob to replace your battery professionally and efficiently! We take pride in our work so you can be rest assured that we will take care of your motorcycle and battery needs with the utmost of care. That’s the Mob Difference!

    Battery maintenance tips for optimal performance

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    Most – if not all – motorcycle riders are passionate about their bikes! We understand and support this passion and endeavour to get you back on the road with a reliable bike battery.

    Until you require our services, here are a few tips for good battery maintenance:

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    Maintenance-free batteries do not mean they don’t need to be tended to but are rather low maintenance.

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    Keep your battery casing and connections clean from dirt build-up.

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    Ensure your battery is always in the upright position after being replaced.

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    Check for loose connections often and attend to them quickly.

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    Clean any battery discharge around the terminals appropriately.

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    Invest in a battery terminal spray to keep your battery terminal clean.

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    If you store your motorcycle for long periods of time, don’t allow it to lose charge.

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    Motorcycle batteries should be charged once a week.

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    Check your battery for any leaks regularly.

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    Store unused and disconnected batteries in cool and dry areas and on non-heat-conducting surfaces.

    Come speak to us about any battery concerns you may have. We can test, charge or replace most motorcycle batteries to get you back on the road in no time. Our professional and knowledgeable staff are waiting for your call or visit, we aim to make your experience a hassle-free one!



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