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Seeking car batteries for sale? Look no further!

First National Battery manufactures and distributes up to 2.2 million batteries per year. Their products are exported to 40 countries, worldwide, and their brand is the preferred choice of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Renault, Ford, and more. Over the years, they have received several industry awards and accolades, and they continue to deliver only the most advanced and innovative solutions.

Battery Mob

proudly stocks and installs this premium brand’s products – and we also possess the necessary expertise to advise our clients on their specific battery requirements. Whether you are looking for a new leisure battery, or your car battery seems to be giving trouble, our team can assist.



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    Besides offering valuable advice and insights on the batteries available for your requirements, Battery Mob can also take care of your battery repairs, replacements and installations, providing you with a one-stop service solution.

    A vast product range
    to meet our clients’ needs

    First National Battery produces batteries for a vast range of industries and requirements. They have four dedicated factories situated across South Africa, where their production, processing and recycling operations take place. Their technical department consist of skilled and qualified staff with in-depth knowledge on lead-acid batteries, allowing them to design and produce products that are innovative and durable.

    First National Battery’s product are all fully recyclable, which makes their batteries eco-friendly.

    Their products meet the requirements of various industries and includes:

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    Automotive Batteries

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    Leisure Batteries

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    Mining Batteries

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    Railway Batteries

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    Standby Batteries

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    Solar Batteries

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    Motive Power Batteries

    Battery warning signs to look out for

    Seeking car batteries for sale? Look no further!

    A battery is responsible for powering your car’s engine and various functions. A battery converts chemical energy into the electrical energy your car depends on to function, thus making the battery a crucial component of your car. Taking care of your vehicle’s battery is important in order to get the best performance out of your car and its battery.

    The following warning signs should be attended to when it comes to a good-functioning battery:

    1. Engine or battery warning light
      The warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard will indicate whether your battery or engine is weak. If your battery warning light comes on, bring your battery in for testing asap.
    2. Sluggish engine crank
      If your engine is slow or unable to crank and start up, your battery may need replacing. If you notice your car or motorbike is slow or sluggish to start, bring your battery to us for a test and possible replacement.
    3. Swollen battery or foul smell
      If your battery seems to be expanding, swelling or has the smell of sulphur emanating from the battery – it’s time to change your battery as soon as possible. Come speak to us about our battery prices and options.
    4. Battery age
      The age of your battery should always be considered especially if your battery is around the three-year old mark. Batteries last anything between two to five years in optimum conditions but usually need replacing around three years. Stop in at our workshop at least annually, to test your battery.

    We don’t recommend that a struggling battery be ignored, as an inefficient battery will affect the performance of the vehicle’s charging system, starter motor or starter solenoid. Not to mention the fact that you may be left stranded if your battery fails to start your engine.

    Talk to us about your battery requirements by getting in touch via phone or email, or feel free to visit us at our workshop in Gezina for a professional consultation and friendly advice.



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