Seeking car batteries for sale? Look no further!

Seeking car batteries for sale? Look no further!

Most people do not have the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision on the type of battery their vehicle requires. This is where Battery Mob comes in – not only do we supply a wide selection of car batteries for sale, from the top brands in the industry, but we also offer to assist you in choosing the battery best suited to your vehicle’s requirements.

To date, there is no sure way of predicting when a battery may fail. The only way that you can try to prevent it, is to have your battery checked and tested frequently. In the event that your battery does fail, however, you can rely on professional service providers such as ourselves to help you on your way again.

The first step in finding a battery for your vehicle would be to come to our workshop in Gezina. Our team will assess your requirements by conducting the necessary tests and checks. Hereafter, we will advise you on what the best product would be for your needs, and we can also assist with the battery replacement and installation should it be necessary.

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From all our batteries, clients expect the following:

bullet  Enhanced performance

bullet  Longevity & longer battery life

bullet  Up-to-date technology

bullet  Corrosion resistance

bullet  Improved safety features

bullet  Less maintenance requirements

bullet  Resistance to short-circuits

bullet  Dependability

How to tell if your battery needs replacing

Life happens, we know this, which means sometimes you may unintentionally neglect your vehicle’s battery. Regular battery maintenance is still required even if you have a ‘maintenance free’ battery. Maintenance free batteries actually still require inspection and testing from time to time. The only maintenance free part is that you don’t need to top up the battery with distilled water as in older battery models.

Ensure your vehicle is regularly serviced and your battery tested annually to keep you on the road for longer. Inspect your car’s battery at least monthly for loose connections, corrosion and leaks. Bear in mind that newer cars with complicated on-board computer systems may drain your vehicle’s battery sooner than expected.

Car batteries can last up to five years with regular maintenance and testing. Most car owners can expect to replace their batteries every three to five years. The longevity of your vehicle’s battery is determined by its use, climate of operated and maintenance.

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    Premium brands at competitive prices

    Of course, by taking our clients’ requirements to heart, Battery Mob will not only provide the best car batteries for sale, we also provide these products at competitive rates. Our customers have come to trust us to offer a service that includes a car battery price that fits your budget.

    Our battery brands include:

    Our industry-leading batteries also come with product guarantees. These differ from brand to brand, but our team will provide you with the necessary knowledge to make an educated decision about the battery best suited to your requirements.

    To talk to our team about your battery needs, or your commercial, motorcycle or car battery price, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.



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