Sabat batteries are the
lifestyle battery of choice

Seeking car batteries for sale? Look no further!

If it is quality and value for money you are after, Sabat batteries are the way to go! Sabat has found that newer vehicles demand more and more from their batteries, and to answer these needs, they have developed cutting edge products that are able to cope with the latest in vehicle technologies.

Their brand is acknowledged for its quality and reliability and we at Battery Mob are proud to retail and install these durable batteries for our clients. If you are looking for a new battery for your vehicle, be it a marine or commercial vehicle, you are welcome to visit our workshop. Our team will guide you through the process of choosing the right battery for your requirements.

We specialise in:

a range of services to first determine whether you require a new battery, or whether your current battery simply requires repairs or charging. If found that you need a new battery, we will provide you with an explanation of our product range to help you make an informed decision. Once decided, our team can also assist with your battery installation to ensure optimal performance – and more importantly, longevity.



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    Sabat’s product range is
    diverse and best suited to…

    As the best-known lifestyle battery option, Sabat batteries are manufactured with the following vehicle types in mind:

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    Passenger Cars & SUV’s

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    Light Commercial Vehicles

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    Commercial Vehicles

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    Their extensive product range covers the automotive, motorcycle, commercial and agricultural industries, and each range has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the vehicle type in question. To meet the diverse requirements of our clients in and around Gezina, we stock the full product range and can also offer our advice and expertise on repairs and maintenance enquiries.

    How to take care of batteries which are not in use

    Seeking car batteries for sale? Look no further!

    The incorrect storage or maintenance of a vehicle’s battery which is not in use can quickly lead to the battery running flat or be rendered useless. It is vital to take proper steps in prolonging the lifespan of a battery in vehicles which are not often used. Unattended batteries are guaranteed to lose their charge.

    Ideally, a vehicle’s battery should be utilised daily in trips but if you cannot drive your vehicle daily for at least 15 minutes, try drive it at least once every fortnight for 15 minutes. Cars which are driven periodically assist in maintaining the battery’s charge.

    If your car is being stored long-term, disconnect the negative battery cable which will help maintain the battery’s charge over time. A trickle charger is a great investment for this purpose, a trickle charger is connected to a power source and your car’s battery and keeps it sufficiently charged. These two methods ensure that the battery will not totally discharge. Remember to check that the battery terminals are clean, and that the battery is properly reconnected before you switch the engine on.

    Unfortunately, you may still find yourself replacing a battery in these circumstances as the weather and use also affect rapid discharging of car batteries. Dead or drained batteries should never be disposed of at home. Due to the corrosive properties of batteries, the best way to dispose of batteries is to bring it to us or any other battery supplier for the correct disposal thereof.

    Bring your battery to us to test or replace. We can help you with all your battery needs, whether for a car, bakkie, truck or motorcycle.

    Sabat batteries are issued with a 25-month warranty upon installation – if the client registers their new battery online via their website.

    Talk to us about your battery requirements by contacting our team via phone or email.



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