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A truck battery is not a one-size-fits-all! Common truck battery sizes are manufactured to suit different size vehicles. Small trucks, medium trucks and heavy-duty trucks – we provide testing and replacement batteries for them all.

Commercial vehicle or truck batteries require a better performance standard than those of cars. For businesses that make use of logistics or fleet trucks, staying on the road means money in the bank, which is why we provide the best truck battery for your needs.

High-quality batteries are crucial in the transport and logistic sector. A truck that won’t start – is a truck that cannot generate an income. The Mob understands this which is why we supply the best truck batteries in the business.

We recommend

that long distance haul drivers check the batteries of their trucks before every trip commences in order to avoid unnecessary delays due to dead batteries. Come have your truck battery tested at the Mob – we have your best interests at heart.

Truck on a Highway

Stay on the road with
regular truck battery maintenance

Keeping your truck or fleet on the road is important when your business depends on it. Here are some considerations to undertake in keeping your truck battery at its optimum best:
  1. Never skip truck services or maintenance intervals, a well-maintained truck will ensure that no unnecessary battery drain is experienced by the vehicle.
  2. Have your truck battery or batteries checked twice a year by a professional battery centre.
  3. Avoid extreme climate changes which can affect the lifespan of a battery.
  4. Pay attention to the battery or engine warning lights on the computer system or dashboard. Don’t ignore warning signs.
  5. Do regular spot checks on clamps, cables, pins, bolts and terminals to check for corrosion or leaks.

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    Our truck batteries meet the following standards:

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    High-performance battery range suited for any model or size of truck.

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    Corrosion and short-circuit resistant batteries.

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    Reputable battery brands with warranties.

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    Better longevity.

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    Safe and reliable.

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    Vibration resistant.

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    Minimal maintenance batteries.

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    Suited for commercial use.

    Conditions that will degrade
    a heavy-duty battery

    1. Continuous exposure to vibration.
    2. Changes in temperature or in humidity.
    3. Improper or excessive charging and discharging cycles.
    4. Electrical fault placing pressure on battery life.
    5. Natural charge loss over time.
    6. Incorrect installation of a battery.
    7. Loose connections, cables or clamps.
    8. Weak capacity batteries not suited for commercial use.

    truck mechanic

    Speak to the Mob about your battery needs. We stock and supply premium batteries suited for commercial use, no matter the size of your truck. Big or small – we have the battery for them all.



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