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One of the battery brands retailed at Battery Mob is Willard batteries. This brand has been carefully selected to be included in our product range as it is one of the top products available in the country. Their batteries do not only represent quality and durability, but also innovation and advancement as they continually strive to improve their products to provide the best possible technology to drivers of various vehicles across South Africa.

Willard battery prices are also a distinguishing feature that make their batteries a top choice for those who need to replace their batteries. When investing in any type of battery from Willard, clients can expect it to perform optimally, long-term.

Our team is experienced

in assessing your battery requirements and can therefore assist to provide you with the optimum choice for your needs. Whether you require a new battery for your passenger car, truck, or light commercial vehicle, you can count on our expertise. The first step would be to test your current battery and your vehicle charging system to pinpoint the issue – if this is not repairable, we will help you choose a battery and also assist with the replacement process.



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    On choosing a battery
    for your needs…

    Willard batteries are proudly South African. This brand combines advanced technology with their own quest to perfection to provide clients with some of the best battery options available. Their product range includes batteries across the commercial, agricultural and automotive industries, more specifically for:

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    Passenger Cars & SUV’s

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    Light Commercial Vehicles

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    Commercial Vehicles

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    Willard’s products come with a 25-month warranty across their entire range – not only does this provide clients with peace of mind about making use of their products, but it has also led to them becoming a trusted brand in the industry. To activate your battery warranty, simply go to the Willard website and register your new battery online.

    What should you know about your car battery

    Willard batteries

    The battery of your vehicle provides the power to start your engine and to appropriately power your car’s electrical systems, without a high-quality battery which is specifically designed for your car – you may be left stranded. Typically, a battery lasts between two and five years depending on various factors such as, use, climate and maintenance.

    Batteries naturally degrade over time as the process of sulfation occurs. This is an unavoidable process, but good battery maintenance practice will aid in keeping your battery operating for longer.

    Adhering to such practices as regular services and battery checks will go a long way in extending the life of your battery. Never skip a car service and test your battery at least annually. Regularly check your car’s battery for loose connections or leaks and pay attention to your dashboard warnings. It is never wise to ignore the battery warning light.

    If you own a vehicle that doesn’t get driven daily, ensure that your charging practices are sufficient to maintain charge when not in use. A battery which loses charge will degrade it and possibly result in a dead battery.

    To find out more about Willard battery prices or product options available for your vehicle at battery Mob, please feel free to contact us either via phone or email. Or, simply drive in at our workshop next time you find yourself in Gezina.



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